Strawberry Lemon Loaf by deb.makes.lowcarb.delish on Instagram

This moist Strawberry Lemon Loaf is so fruity, moist, and refreshing! Perfect for spring celebrations, like Easter. This spring dessert is bursting with flavor and brings together two of my favorites - a moist lemon loaf topped with a strawberry glaze. This reminds of Starbucks of lemon loaf but better! Made with @kwaiitreatsandeats Coffeehouse Lemon Bread Mix and a strawberry glaze made with fresh strawberries, then topped with lemon zest. The pretty pink color is natural from fresh strawberries. It's delightful!

You're going to want to save this easy dessert for all your spring and summer celebrations.

1 pkg Coffeehouse Lemon Bread Mix by @kawaiitreatsandeats (USE CODE: DEB10)
5 eggs
6 Tbsp butter
1/4 cup water
1/2 cup fresh chopped strawberries (about 4 large strawberries)
1 Tbsp @RxSugar Allulose sweetener
2 tsp fresh lemon juice
1/3 cup heaping powdered Allulose (I made my own by grinding @RxSugar granular allulose in my spice grinder until a powder was formed)

1. Bake the Lemon Bread according to the package directions. (I follow the directions exactly). Remove from the oven and let cool completely.
2. In a small bowl mix together the chopped strawberries, 1 Tbsp granular Allulose, and lemon juice. Let sit 20-30 minutes until the berries become juicy.
3. From the berries, take 1 tablespoon of the strawberry juice and mix it with 1/3 heaping cup of powdered Allulose. Mix until smooth.
4. Spread the strawberry glaze over the cooled lemon bread, garnish with grated lemon peel.
5. Enjoy!

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