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Are your products diabetic-friendly? Do all products have a low blood glucose response?

Does your products cause gastric or other forms of bodily distress?

Where can I find your products?

What is RxSugar® made from?

Usage & Storage

Will your products work well in all recipes?

How should I store your products?


Are your products Keto-Friendly?

Will your products kick me out of ketosis?

What makes your products zero net carbohydrates?

Why is there no sugar or added sugar listed in your nutrition facts when you claim to be a sugar?


Can I stack discount codes?

Can I stack discount codes with my reward code?


Do you ship outside the continental US?

Can I update my shipping address?

Can I cancel my order?


Do you offer returns for online orders?

Can I cancel my online order?

I purchased your product from a retailer, can I return it to you?