Healthy Eats With Deedee Protein Cookie Dough

Protein Edible Cookie Dough
32 G Light butter
64 G Unsweetened applesauce
93 G Protein powder 
70 G Flour of choice (I used a mixture of oat & almond flour)
1 TBSP Brown sweetener
1 TBSP Granulated sweetener RxSugar
1/4 C Unsweetened almond milk
2 TBSP Chocolate chips 
Mix all ingredients together until smooth & combined. I portion mine out into 6 cups and place them into the freezer to thicken up. After being frozen it gets nice and thick and is just like cookie dough texture. When ready to eat remove from freezer and place in fridge or just set on the counter to defrost for a few minutes, then enjoy.



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