C Health & Wellness Pumpkin Caramel Butter

* 3/4 of 1 stick of 100% grass fed butter 
* 1 can of pumpkin
* 1/2 steamed honeynut squash
* Sugar alternative 
* Homemade no sugar caramel sauce
* No sugar organic vanilla syrup RxSugar this adds a depth of vanilla extract flavor. If you do not have this, add 1 tsp of vanilla extract and another tbsp of sugar alternative!
* Ceylon cinnamon (if you do not like pumpkin) and/or pumpkin pie spice 

1. Thaw out butter to room temperature
2. Cook down the pumpkin and steamed squash on the stove to remove water and add sugar alternative. The pumpkin and squash mixture should turn darker and shrink in size.
3. Transfer to a plate and add syrup and spices while still hot.
4. Let mixture completely cool down
5. Add room temperature butter, caramel, and any other fix ins!



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