Praline Cinnamon Bun Coffee by @purely_healthy_living on Instagram

Praline Cinnamon Bun Coffee ☕️✨by @purely_healthy_living

This coffee has been seriously on repeat for the last two weeks and also my mid-day extra dose of serotonin!✨🙌🏼

Sugar-free, creamy and with a nice touch of healthy fats!♥️

Ingredients (serves 1)
- 2 cups of coffee (room temperature)
- 1/2 tbsp of cinnamon
- 1 tsp of @prozisusa praline yummy drops (PURELYHL for discount)
- 2 tbsp of @rxsugar alullose
- 1 tbsp of @addjoi or any nut butter

1. Blend all the ingredients and let your serotonin rise.

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