Lucky Charm Avocado White Chocolate Fudge by @purely_healthy_living

Lucky Charm” Avocado White Chocolate Fudge🍀🥑

These are not only lucky and healthier… got a secret ingredient along with some @magicspooncereal cereal…. SAVE FOR EXTRA LUCK AND YUMMINESS!🤤🤘🏼

Ingredients (serves 9)
* 3 avocados
* 1/3 cup of @rxsugar alullose
* 1 tbsp of beef gelatin
* 1 tsp of vanilla extract
* 1/3 cup of @ketohana Raspberry Granola
* 1 cup of @magicspooncereal Low Carb Cereal Fruity (“purelyhealthyliving” for discount)
* 1/2 cup of @letsbakebelieve melted white chocolate wafers

* Mix all the ingredients for the base and pour over a 8x8 silicone dish.
* Top with the rest of the toppings.
* Freeze overnight, cut into 9 pieces and enjoy!

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