High Protein Cookie Dough Smoothie Bowl

a cookie dough dream 💫 and only 4 ingredients later you got this delicious cookie dough smoothie bowl that’s made with ingredients you have!

🍪 for this smoothie bowl, I blended in @rawrsuperfoods plant protein that’s chocolate flavored too! I love this protein powder because the flavor blends in and most importantly it’s a clean and healthy one! @rawrsuperfoods is not made with chemicals and synthetic ingredients! Its also sweetened with organic stevia and monk fruit 😍

Here’s what you’ll need for this smoothie bowl:
🍪 2 frozen bananas
🍪 tbsp peanut butter
🍪 a scoop @rawrsuperfoods plant protein powder
🍪 splash of milk

For toppings- I used mini chocolate chip cookies, sliced banana, chocolate syrup @rxsugar and mini chocolate chips!

What you’ll wanna do: blend all the ingredients and pour into a bowl. Used @coconutbowls for this smoothie!

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