No Sugar Added Celebration Popcorn by @thebalancedwhisk on Instagram

100 years of Disney so year CUE THE POPCORN PARTY!!

five ingredients, no baking, no added sugar and so addicting to snack on- featuring @lesserevilsnacks Celebration Popcorn!! #ad

Celebration Popcorn is a salty + sweet combo tumbled in olive oil; making a grand entrance as the middle layer smashed between loads of peanutbutter and oats!

ingredients for six cups

1 c quick oats
⅓ c melted coconut oil
3 tbsp maple syrup
3 c @lesserevilsnacks popcorn
1 c all-natural, creamy peanut butter

prepare a six cup muffin tin.
mix together oats and coconut oil.
use 2-3 tbsp of mixture as base layer in each cup.
add @lesserevilsnacks Celebration Popcorn as next layer in each cup.
mix together peanut butter with 3 tbsp maple syrup.
add 2-3 tbsp over popcorn layer to each cup.
sprinkle tops with any remaining oat mixture.
press down tops of each cup then chill until firm!

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