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Ben Tzeel

A registered dietician, certified strength and conditioning specialist and has lived with Type 1 diabetes for 21 years.

Bekah Vander Stelt

Bekah is naturally sweet ;). A southern girl who is living in the Midwest and has been a Type One Diabetic for 10 years.

Amy Van Dyken

An American former competitive swimmer, Olympic champion, former world record-holder, and national radio sports talk show co-host.

Maddie Maloney

She loves all things health, fitness, innovation, and connection. Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes ten years ago, Maddie’s passion for diabetes is what gets her out of bed in the morning.

Chef Daniel Oustad

He learned to love the kitchen by cooking with his grandma as a little boy. His cooking is still influenced by her and has been living with type 1 diabetes for many years.

A Real Hero

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