The World’s Best Tasting, Plant-based, Non-GMO Project Verified, Keto Certified Sugar & Syrup


Chronic Illness/Non-Communicable Disease Virtually Did Not Exist 200 Years Ago


Today, Chronic Illness is the Leading Cause of Death & Suffering on the Planet And Sugar is the Root Cause of Chronic Illness


Eliminate / replace sugar, you can eliminate / mitigate Chronic Illness

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The World’s Best Tasting, Healthiest Natural Plant-based Sugar & Syrup

RxSugar® is a health-and-wellness company disguised as a food company.

The mission is deeply compelling and categorically self-evident: Chronic illness (i.e., non-communicable disease, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc.), which virtually DID NOT EXIST 200 years ago, is the leading cause of death and suffering on the planet.

The United States spends $1.7T each year on food. It spends $1.9T on healthcare related to poor nutrition. Diabetes and cardiovascular disease are a product of what we eat. The path to affordable healthcare is better food devoid of toxic cane sugar.

Traditional sugar is the root cause of all chronic illness – the average American consumes 100 pounds of sugar per year - www.SugarIsTheNewTobacco.com

Consequently, the world needs to Solve for Sugar – and RxSugar® is the World’s Best Tasting, Healthiest Natural Plant-based, Organic/Non-GMO Project Verified Sugar & SyrupRxSugar has Zero Calories, Zero Net Carbs, Zero Blood Sugar Impact – proven by lab tests, formal certifications, clinical studies, countless People Living with Diabetes, etc.

The company launched at retail just a bit over a year ago and has achieved significant traction selling through major retailers, on-line platforms, strategic partners as well as commercial ingredient sales with brands like Chobani. 

- Anti-Traditional Sugar (Consumer Public Enemy #1) – Delicious, Clean, Nutritious

- Natural Sugar – NOT a sweetener, sugar alcohol or high intensity additive

- Delicious – Peerless Taste, Exquisite Mouthfeel, Zero Aftertaste

- Peerless Health Profile - Zero Calories, Carbs, Glycemic, Blood Sugar Impact

- Non-GMO Project Verified – And NSF Non-GMO Certified, IGEN Non-GMO Tested

- Keto Certified – RxSugar owns www.SugarKeto.com

 - FODMAP Friendly Certified – Ideal for IBD and IBBS

- Grain-Free and Gluten Free Certified

Forecast & Valuation Analysis


Current Retailers & Sales Channel Partners

Strategic Partnerships and Alliances

Snapshot Q4-2021 Growth Trajectory:

RxSugar sold more units in October 2021 than the entire year of 2020

November 2021 sales exceeded October 2021

In December 2021 RxSugar was formally notified of major wins at:

Kroger – Enterprise Wide 2800 Stores – Two (2) RxSugar SKUs

Sprouts – Enterprise Wide 400 Stores – Two (2) RxSugar SKUs

Costco & GNC & Gelson’s In total, over 15,000 Retail Locations in less than 18 months!

The demand funnel is robust: over $600k of formal purchase orders awaiting to be filled and, with the Kroger, Sprouts, Costco, GNC wins, another $700k of additional orders in the immediate short term!

The run rate heading into 2022 is high seven to eight figures – Kroger alone has forecasted almost $4mm in sales for RxSugar!

Quick List of Twenty Key Accomplishments to Date:

1. 15,000+ retail stores, including Kroger, Walmart, Costco, Albertsons-Safeway, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Sprouts, Hy-Vee, Meijer and more

2. 30 On-line Partners, including a best-in-class Amazon Brand Store

3. 5 Sold Out Performances on QVC (who has invited RxSugar to appear monthly in 2022!)

4. Official Sugar/Syrup of Life Time Health and Featured in all 140+ Locations, including the Life Time Café

5. Progressive Grocers’ Pick as Best New Product of 2021

6. Set to facilitate the sale of 600,000kg of Allulose in 2022 to Chobani for their best-selling Chobani Zero Sugar Yogurt

7. Distributed by the Nation’s Largest Coffee Distributor, Farmer Brothers, with 60,000 customers

8. Partner of Emerson Ecologics, the Nation’s Largest on-line “dispensary” to 40,000 Physicians (the $300mm industry leader owned by Liberty Street Partners) - https://www.emersonecologics.com/shop/RxSugar-B1353

9. Featured on Thrive Market, the #1 Best-for-You, Highly Curated Food Site on the Internet as the ONLY Organic Allulose Products (https://thrivemarket.com/brand/rxsugar)

10. Distributed by Grovara.com, the leading B2B platform for international sales, with primary focus in Mexico, the Middle East and the Far East

11. Three dozen health/wellness partnerships, including the JDRF

12. Nine best-in-class products, categorically proven to LOWER blood sugar, the #1 key to health

13. Great core team, including an Alliances Leader (on the Board of Beyond Type 1), Senior Ops Leader (35 years focused on CPG), Sales Leader with 20 years+ of CPG experience, Marketing Leader with massive digital/promotional acumen and experience

14. World class Board with three industry titans, including former Leaders at Unilever, Pepsi, Campbell, Minute Maid, General Mills

15. Official company name is Nutrishus Brands Inc. a Georgia C-Corporation with a NVCA compliant cap table and world-class investors-to-date, including Joseph Slawek, who sold his FONA company to McCormack in 12/2020 for $705mm

16. Ten formal certifications, including USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Gluten-Free Certified, Keto Certified, FODMAP Friendly Certified, Kosher & Halal Certified

17. The ONLY USDA ORGANIC Allulose on-shelf IN THE WORLD – per a recent Bloomberg article, Allulose is best positioned as the “next sugar”

18. Formal lab certifications from a half dozen third parties, including the renowned Nutrition Discovery Lab from Ryerson University’s declaration of zero blood sugar impact

19. Approved by the official supply chain partner of a 13,000 location franchise, awaiting further evaluation for deployment/distribution in early 2022

20. Official Partner with Dr. David Perlmutter and his new book, “Drop Acid”, which based on pre-orders is already a #1 bestseller like all of his books – and there is a full paragraph and endorsement of RxSugar in the book