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• Introduce students to the RxSugar brand as a healthy, plant-based option to traditional table sugar

• Drive product trial and awareness for the new Organic Pancake Syrup through a fun waffle party event among PSU students

•Conduct a small survey among partyguests to gather feedback, testimonials and other key data points fromconsumers


• Hired and trained one well-connected student on the PSU campus to plan and host a waffle party featuring the RxSugar Organic Pancake Syrup

• Worked with the student to plan event elements, such as the invite list, photos, collateral distribution, decorations and food

•Created a 10-question survey + QRcode for party guests to share their feedback after trying the product

•Despite Covid-19 restrictions,tight timelines, and a small budget, we managed to introduce the brand and theproduct to 25 college-aged consumers who all had positive feedback


29: Total Event Attendees

25:# of Survey Responses + Testimonials

6: #of Syrup Bottles Sampled

1,500: Estimated # of Social Media Impressions



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• In January, we will connect with the College Diabetes Network chapter at PSU to donate samples to club members(using the extra product that was shipped for this event) and gather testimonial videos + more survey responses


• Overall, students loved the OrganicPancake Syrup product, and most students said they would purchase it again in the future or recommend it to others (family, friends, etc.)

• The event attendee that's currently living with diabetes ranked the product as "Delicious" and noted that it tastes BETTER than traditional syrup. While she wasn't previously familiar with allulose versus traditional sugar, she said that she will definitely purchase from the brand in the future


"I love RxSugar because it allows me to have a sweet sugary treat on my pancakes while still letting me keep track of my sugar intake!"

-Eliza Koster (Type 1 Diabetic)

"I really like it!! The taste is just like regular syrup."

-Alicia Lorantas

"I loved trying this syrup especially because I enjoy eating healthy alternatives."

- Ashley Quinones

"The RxSugar syrup was delicious! I would definitely try it again."

- Emma Ulanich

"This syrup is definitely going to be my alternative!"

- Jeanine Preza

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