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A Little About Ben

"I am a registered dietician, certified strength and conditioning specialist and I have lived with Type 1 diabetes for 21 years now.

I fell in love with training as a baseball player, I realized my favorite part of everything was getting stronger, watching my lifts go up, watching my speed improve, watching my game improve and I started to realize nutrition was that X-factor.

I also realized nutrition was super related to diabetes.

I realized I didn't want to sit in front of a computer for the rest of my life and tell people 30 years from now when I could tell them right now.

So, I became a dietician, got the strength coach certification along the way so I could help people on their fitness goals as well, and really help athletes take their game to the next level."

Why Ben Loves RxSugar

"RxSugar, is natural; it's not going to to impact your blood sugar at all and that, to me, as a person with diabetes and as a professional who works with people with diabetes, makes it so powerful is there is literally no effect on your blood sugar."

Ben's Experience with RxSugar

"I tried it with just having like a teaspoon of it jus to see if I like the taste of it and it was like oh, this is actually good.

My go-to thing is I like making protein desserts and protein pancakes. That's always my favorite thing and putting it in those, it was the perfect amount of sweetness to this and now it's extra enjoyable.

I noticed a huge taste difference and then blood sugar wise, I knew, okay, if I dose for strictly what is in this particular food, there's not going to be any difference. It's not like, oh,there's RxSugar in it, I have to account for more. It was fantastic. So, that, to me, was monumental.

The desserts have been fantastic!"


"RxSugar is the clear winner for sweeteners for people with diabetes"
Ben Tzeel – Registered Dietician – Living with Type 1 Diabetes

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