RxSugar Allulose Sugar 1 Pound Canister

Delicious, Plant-based Certified, Non-GMO Project Verified, Keto Certified Allulose Sugar 

Note: we are no longer offering this product from RxSugar.com. Please order the 2 Pound Canister of Allulose Sugar available here.  

  • Zero Calories
  • Zero Net Carbs
  • Zero Sugar Alcohols
  • Zero Stevia
  • Zero Monk Fruit
  • Zero Erythritol

RxSugar®. There Is No Substitute.®

  • Non-GMO Project Verified
  • Grain-Free/Gluten-Free Certified
  • Keto Certified
  • FODMAP Friendly Certified
  • Blood Sugar Friendly
  • Safe for People With Diabetes 
  • 1.25 cups RxSugar® Allulose Sugar = 1 cup Refined Sugar

*You may receive packaging that looks different while we transition designs.  

Ingredient: Non-GMO Allulose.

RxSugar® is made from Allulose Sugar, a low calorie plant-based sugar, is different from other sugars in that it is not metabolized by the human body in the same way as table sugar (sucrose). RxSugar® does not affect your blood sugar levels.

Allulose, is proven to have zero net carbohydrate impact; this is why the Allulose carbohydrates are subtracted from the Total Carbs to produce zero net carbohydrates.

Baking and Cooking. RxSugar is a real sugar. caramelizes, browns, dissolves easily and binds with the perfect taste. RxSugar 1.25 cups to 1 cup refined sugar. Cookies on plate with RxSugar canister.
Non-GMO Project Verified, Grain Free-Gluten Free Certified, Keto Certified, Plant-based Certified, Vegan, FODMAP Certified, Zero Calories, Hala Certified, Kosher Certified
Nutrition Facts for RxSugar 1 Pound Canister product