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Sugar Is The New Tobacco

In line with tobacco/nicotine, sugar is both categorically addictive and harmful.  Tobacco-fueled lung cancer, COPD, etc. were primary causes of death in the 20th century.  Fast forward to right now:  smoking is down to less than 15%.  Tragically, traditional cane sugar, in 80% of all food and singularly ruinous to physiology, has promoted “poor diet” as the overwhelming, leading cause of death and suffering in the United States.

Consider the following:

1) For the first “ten million” years on the planet, the primary cause of death was infectious disease

2) In the last 100 years, and especially the last 40 years, the leading cause of death and suffering is non-communicable chronic illness (i.e., heart disease, cancer, diabetes, fatty liver, hypertension, etc.)

And the simple, inarguable reason why is SUGAR.  Sugar is THE root cause of ALL chronic illness.

  • Some 128 million Americans are diabetic or prediabetic, and 90% of those with prediabetes don't know they have it.
  • Nine of the 10 leading causes of death in the U.S. are a result of, or made worse by, poor blood sugar.
  • Children are developing increasing rates of fatty liver disease and chronic liver dysfunction -- up 62% in the past 10 years.  In the past year, Type II Diabetes in adolescents has doubled!
  • America spends $327 billion on diagnosed diabetes in the U.S. and $147 billion on direct costs of obesity (data from the CDC that hasn't been updated in 12 years).
  • However, the real price tag is much higher, given that high blood sugar drives Alzheimer's dementia, cancer, stroke, heart disease, infertility, erectile dysfunction, chronic kidney and liver disease, preventable blindness, and more.
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And here is the ultimate irony:

  • There is no biological requirement for, or nutritional value of, sugar.
  • There is no biological reaction in any animal (including humans) cell on the planet that requires dietary fructose, the molecule that make food sweet.
  • Sugar - Zero percent essential – Zero percent required to live – ZERO! 
  • Let's be clear: the human body does not need a single gram of added sugar to survive.


What is the Primary Reason for the Massive Rise in Obesity over the past 40 years?

It’s hard to believe that 200 years ago, the average American consumed less than 2 pounds of sugar a year.

Today, the average American adult consumes 80 to 120 pounds of sugar a year.  Result:  Obesity/Diabetes!

”Everyone” instinctively knows that sugar is not healthy. When seeking a change in diet, the first choice of 77% of consumers is to eliminate or reduce daily sugar intake. They focus on eliminating/reducing sugar followed in order by eating more fruits and vegetables, less carbs and seeking healthier sources of protein. 

The vast majority of consumers correctly view sugar as the most likely source of calories to cause weight gain.


How Does Sugar Effect Metabolism?

The simple answer is when sugar or any other carbohydrate are consumed, the body breaks the carbohydrates down to glucose (blood sugar) & fructose (the sweet stuff). The pancreas increases insulin production to alert cells to burn glucose. The body uses glucose as fuel and the liver converts fructose to fat. The fat cells in the body then retain the additional fat converted by the liver, expanding your waistline, and causes energy levels to decrease.

To the contrary, when consuming low carb or high fat foods, the body behaves differently. The pancreas secrets minimal insulin, fat is released from fat cells and the body uses fat for fuel. The liver converts fat into ketones (known to be high octane brain fuel) and fat cells shrink and decrease, reducing waistlines and increasing energy.

Per the graphic below, managing blood sugar levels has a direct influence on the body’s metabolism and how it uses and stores energy.


How Do You Adjust Your Diet?

Thanks to the help of dedicated nutritionists and registered dietitians, there is hope for a bright future…

Individuals can learn a lot from these experts in terms of what we should or should not consume in order to maintain a healthy metabolism.

Here at RxSugar, we work closely with Ben Tzeel (follow Ben @ManofTzeel on social).  He is a registered dietitian and certified strength & conditioning specialist. Ben has a somewhat unique perspective on diet and nutrition because he’s been living with a chronic condition, Type 1 Diabetes, for many years. 

As a result of Ben’s diagnosis, he made the decision to dedicate his life to helping others living with both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.  Ben helps his patients maintain optimal blood sugar control, eat in a way they love, and become the strongest versions of themselves.  Blood sugar focus comes first and foremost to decrease the frequency of sugar spikes his patients experience.

A major factor to the success of any diet/nutrition plan is adherence to the plan. Ben and other registered dieticians recognize that overly restricting a person’s diet is unsustainable. That is why Ben’s typical recommendation to his clientele includes RxSugar® as a healthy, sweet tasting addition to their diets. 


RxSugar. The Cure for Sugar.™

Sugar is Consumer Public Enemy #1.  Sugar is non-essential, addictive and harmful.  We must Solve for Sugar.

RxSugar® is the World’s Best Tasting, Healthiest, Natural Plant-based Sugar and Syrup.  Zero calories, zero carbs, zero blood sugar impact:  RxSugar is the cleanest, most functional alternative to traditional toxic sugar.

RxSugar® is the first naturally occurring sugar clinically proven to support weight management, inhibit fat absorption, increase satiety and promote normal lipid profiles.

That’s right, zero blood sugar spikes, making RxSugar® the most delicious blood sugar friendly sugar and syrups on earth. And RxSugar tastes just like the “bad” sugar because RxSugar IS a plant-based, natural, certified sugar – not a sweetener, sugar alcohol or high intensity additive.

Traditional fructose is “evil” and is processed by the liver to create the type of biological cholesterol that results in heart disease, fatty liver, cancer, pancreatic issues and more.  RxSugar is the “Good Fructose” – as a “mirror” of the “evil twin”, RxSugar does not engage with the pancreas and the liver, thus eliminating any negative impact.  For more science, please visit:


RxSugar® is the Delicious, Natural, Plant-based Healthy Sugar & Syrup selected by LifeCafe®.

RxSugar® is an Official Sponsor of the Life Time 60 Day Challenge.

The RxSugar family of delicious, clean and nutritious products, each available for Member purchase on the Life Time on-line store ( are USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Keto Certified, Gluten-free/Grain-free Certified and Kosher Certified.

Here at RxSugar, we believe  In other words, we know that blood sugar, not calories, is the key metric, one that can be empirically measured.  While calories are ultimately reflected on a scale, blood sugar is measured with state of the art continuous glucose monitors (CGMs).   

Mitigating, eliminating and even lowering blood sugar is the gateway to optimal metabolic health.









We MUST Solve for Sugar.      

RxSugar. The Cure for Sugar.™      

RxSugar. There Is No Substitute.®

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