RxSugar® is Nominated QVC Product of The Year - 2021 Customer Choice Food Awards

RxSugar®'s nomination was announced on #1 culinary show in America, the “In the Kitchen with David Venable” program! John Campbell, President of RxSugar® joined David Venable to share with over 3 million viewers the exciting news. 

Most importantly, the polls are open! Click the link below and scroll to the BEST SPICE, SAUCE, or CONDIMENT Category and Vote for RxSugar®!


David Venable’s enthusiastic endorsement of the RxSugar® Swealthy Set of Sugars & Syrups - the world’s best tasting, healthiest, natural, plant-based sugars and syrups, catapulted RxSugar® to another record setting achievement of orders selling out for a third time of all available sets. Thousands of sets were sold in mere minutes of the segment starting. 

Watch the entire segment below: