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RxSugar - BIG TICKET Winner Going LIVE On QVC!

We’ve got some exciting news for our Swealthy (Sweet and Healthy) family!


You will soon be able to catch us on QVC!

RxSugar’s peerless Plant-Based, Healthy Sugar & Syrup has earned us a coveted on-air spot on QVC after winning QVC’s The Big Find.

Our very own President & COO, John Campbell, will be coming to you live, showcasing our Signature Swealthy Setfeaturing our “core four”: 

  • RxSugar 1 Pound Canister
  • RxSugar Organic Liquid Sugar
  • RxSugar Organic Pancake Syrup
  • RxSugar Organic Chocolate Syrup

Mark your calendars… QVC’s Gourmet Holiday Show will air on April 28th at 3pm EST!

We could not be more honored or thrilled to get this unique chance to share our products and our impactful story with the (approximately 92 million!) wonderful households that QVC reaches.

Be sure to share the news with those friends and family that you know will love hearing about how and why RxSugar is changing lives – the Swealthy way!

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